Susan Photo EditedWelcome to my website. I’m Susan Nadathur, author of outcasts and outsiders, lover of literature, and all things young adult. I’m not the girl in the vintage photograph, but  maybe we share similar spirits. There must be some reason I was drawn to use her as my banner. Pensive, reflective, misunderstood, I sometimes feel like I belong to a different time and place.  

I invite you to explore my world through the pages of this website. You’ll find information about me, my Spanish for childbirth books and workshops, my work with young adults, my debut novel, City of Sorrows and my young adult title, Dante’s Kiss. To learn more about outsiders, outcasts, and the writing life visit my blog, where I share reflections and insight.

I hope you enjoy visiting here and would love to hear your comments. Another great place to share your thoughts and stories is on my community blog Label Me Different, a special forum for any and all who have been wounded by the stigma of being labeled “different.” Be sure to sign up for a chance to win a free copy of City of Sorrows in the book giveaway on the right-hand column. As an added benefit, you’ll get updates about future book releases, events in your area, and my work on behalf of Puerto Rican teens and Spanish Gypsies.

 If you feel like sharing some of your world with me, please connect on this special forum for all the misfits who, like me, live in a colorfully chaotic world.


Announcing a GoodReads Giveaway for DANTE’S KISSa supernatural love story set in Puerto Rico. 

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a teenager in Puerto Rico? Enter this GoodReads Giveaway and find out. 

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Dante's Kiss by Susan Nadathur

Dante’s Kiss

by Susan Nadathur

Giveaway ends September 26, 2016.

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DANTE’S KISS is a supernatural love story about temptation and desire, the fragility of being human, and the challenges of being young in the Hispanic Caribbean.

Synopsis: It’s hard to be sixteen, almost anywhere, but it’s even more difficult to be a sixteen-year-old-three-quarter angel when the one quarter human side kicks in. Especially when that humanity comes to life in Puerto Rico.

When Kiriela and her almost-boyfriend cause chaos in Heaven, she is forced to live in exile with her parents in Puerto Rico. But because she is not a pure angel, Kiriela’s father is overprotective. Fearing that she won’t be strong enough to fight against the forces of evil that follow their family, Kiriela’s father keeps her in a protective bubble. But when they move to Puerto Rico, he loses control over her. Finding her feuding parents too occupied with their own problems to deal with hers, Kiriela slips out from under her father’s radar and finds the freedom she craves.

But what Kiriela does not understand when she falls for a human boy named Dante is that when the supernatural collides with the natural world, something as simple as a kiss is not always as simple as it seems …

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