About The Author

Besides being an author of multicultural fiction, Susan Nadathur is a nationally-recognized Spanish language and diversity trainer, registered nurse, childbirth educator, speaker and writer. She has a masters degree in Spanish and teaching certificates in English as a Second Language, Spanish Instruction and Childbirth Education as well as over twenty years of experience working with Latino women in childbirth. Her programs have been presented at the American Academy of Nurse Midwives, The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses,The International Childbirth Education Association, The National Perinatal Association, Lamaze International, and hospitals throughout the country. She has extensive experience working with Mexican, Spanish and Puerto Rican communities and brings to her work a genuine enthusiasm for the subject, solid experience in Spanish language instruction for adult learners, and a unique motivational style. Susan lives with her family in Lajas, Puerto Rico where she works as a childbirth educator and writer..