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Tea Time with the Author

Author Susan Nadathur will share an intimate discussion and cup of orange blossom tea with those who have read her novel, CITY OF SORROWS. An epic story of love, death, romance and rage, CITY OF SORROWS is set in Seville, perfumed with the aromatic scent of the orange blossom. Themes discussed will include love and loss, prejudice, God’s grace, and what it truly means to be free. Tea and treats will be served.


Books and legacyYour Story, Your Legacy

Published author Susan Nadathur shows you how to see your life story the way God planned for it to be seen. By unraveling the threads of her own story, Susan takes you on her unique journey from an unhappy outcast at Wethersfield Public High School to a published author and champion of outcasts and outsiders. By sharing the story behind her debut novel, CITY OF SORROWS, Susan brings to life the purpose of that journey and helps others to see God in the details. She then guides you through the process of writing your story and building a written legacy using the tools for self-publishing on Amazon.com.




What we can Learn from the Downtrodden

Part of author Susan Nadathur’s literary journey includes a relationship with a group of people who have been marginalized from mainstream society, the Spanish Gypsies. What she has learned from her time with the Gypsies are lessons that have added meaning to her life. Through pictures and stories, Susan shares the lessons of the downtrodden, lessons of family, faith, loyalty, and honor, and how those values changed and shaped her life.


IMG_1199God’s Beloved Outcasts: The Gypsies

Mainstream society – both in Europe and the United States – has been at odds with the Gypsies since their migration from India in the 15th century. The Gypsies have lived most of their history accused of being different, non-conformists, and problematic. They have been marginalized, stereotyped, persecuted, glorified, and underappreciated. But rarely have they been valued as models for a way of life that has nothing to do with flamenco, stolen car rings, drugs, divination, and the robbing of unsuspecting tourists.

In the CITY OF SORROWS, the debut literary work from author Susan Nadathur, the author portrays a way of life that most people don’t see, but can certainly benefit from. Historically wary and suspicious of outsiders, the Gypsies stick to themselves and rarely allow people from the outside in. But Susan was given the unique opportunity to live with a group of Gypsies in Seville. In this multi-media presentation, she tells the story behind the Gypsy myth, and how that story impacts Gypsy families living in America today.

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