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Dante's Kiss Cover- 1-20-2014What readers are saying about DANTE’S KISS:

“I really liked the story. I was hooked to the point of passing out with the book on my face. I loved the characters and how real they felt. I found several things to be so relatable it was funny. This book really captured what it’s like being an oppressed minority growing up here in Puerto Rico. I was devastated by the ending. I loved it but it hurt me. But I’m happy it ended as it did because that made it feel more real.” Geilimar Garcia, Puerto Rico

“An amazing supernatural love story. I was so into the book I decided to take a whole day to finish it. The action, the romance the message, IT WAS INTENSE!! The book shows values, drama, and what us teenagers are facing today. Loved it.” Marita Black, Puerto Rico

“This novel is amazing! Loved the story! ❤ It clearly shows what us Puerto Ricans are living day by day. It has a very lovely theme which I believe is: LOVE. Without love humans are doomed. People don’t know how to love anymore, and this novel shows how you can love in a good and innocent way, but it shows too, how someone can love but at the same time damage that feeling with bad actions. Like in the case of Jadiel. I really loved it, and I am currently reading it AGAIN!” Sharyanna Laboy, Puerto Rico

Wow this was an intensely emotional read, not in a bad way but, the emotions portrayed by the characters just somehow filtered through my own heart. This novel is both tragic and triumphant and when I initially finished reading I sat there thinking how am I going to write this review when I don’t even know how to feel about this book my emotions were so mixed up I just got so drawn in. This is a tale of forbidden love and love gone so wrong its almost impossible to make right. Angels, and demons, and humans and the fight for two souls. This is a great novel, a tragic paranormal romance and I will be sad if the story ends here because even though she did triumph Kiriela really deserves a happy ending.” Jay Harvey

What professional reviewers are saying about DANTE’S KISS 

“Could not put this book down! I just loved Dante. The author did a good job at developing all of the characters. I felt like I knew all of them, not just the main ones. Makes me think she has a sequel planned.”

“Good book for teens.  I enjoyed it myself and am looking forward to anything else by Susan Nadathur.”

“Susan Nadathur’s writing is thoughtful and unique. My favorite part of Nadathur’s story was definitely the location. Puerto Rico is not a place I’ve read much about, but her beautiful imagery, full of color and specific details, really allowed me to “live” there for the duration of the novel. DANTE’S KISS is an intriguing novel, and it poses a lot of questions about the battle of good versus evil, and what one is willing to do for the people they love.” For the full review posted on The Young Folks, click here

“I really enjoyed the unique take on angels and demons. The black and white of good and evil is skewed enough to see the grey as well as root for both sides in the battle. The struggle with what you want to do and how much you really love someone is what drew me into this story. The setting of Puerto Rico is also a nice change from the typical Midwest/East Coast sort of paranormal young adult novels. I loved the bits of culture down to the Reggaeton music references.” For the full review posted on Bubblebaths & Bedtimes Stories click on this link.

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