Wondrous Woman Workshops

Unlike any workshop you have ever attended, Susan’s fun, interactive programs bring the color and flavor of Latino culture to life through music and song as participants learn Spanish for health care and childbirth.


SPANISH FOR GENERAL HEALTH CARE presents terminology for record keeping, medical, social & mental health histories, complaints and symptoms, physical examinations, diagnosis and treatment, prescriptions & medications, hospital admissions and discharge.

SPANISH FOR HOME HEALTH CARE presents terminology for mother/infant outreach, prenatal care, nutrition & breastfeeding, initial postpartum and infant care, and teen pregnancy prevention.

SPANISH FOR EMERGENCY CARE presents terminology for pre-hospital and hospital emergency care patient assessment, pediatric emergencies, perinatal emergenies, complaints and symptoms, record keeping, medical histories, physical examinations, diagnosis, treatment and medication, hospital admissions and discharge.

COMFORT, CARE, AND CULTURE studies the intricate connection between comfort, care, and culture by exploring the vocabulary and grammar of caring among a variety of Latin-American cultures

CULTURAL SENSITIVITY IN HEALTH CARE studies diverse perspectives on health and healing, analyzes areas of potential conflict, and offers suggested resolutions.

SPANISH FOR CHILDBIRTH presents terminology for prenatal record keeping, obstetric histories, pelvic exams, pregnancy education, hospital admission, labor/delivery, culture and comfort, mother/infant care, and breastfeeding

SPANISH FOR NEWBORN AND PEDIATRIC CARE presents terminology for communicating with parents in NICU, neonatal death and bereavement, NICU/pediatric discharge, well baby exams, general milestones, pediatric complaints and symptoms, pediatric emergency care, suspected child/sexual abuse, behavioral/emotional changes in children.

SPANISH FOR OB/GYN AND WOMEN’S HEALTH presents terminology for gynecology and well woman care, family planning, the STD interview, gynecological cancer screening, menopause, teenage pregnancy, culture and woman’s health decisions.

CHILDBIRTH IN LATIN AMERICAN CULTURES studies diverse perspectives on health and healing, analyzes areas of potential conflict, and offers suggested resolutions.

CREATIVE CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION FOR LATINOS presents creative teaching strategies to reach Latino couples attending childbirth education clases. Incorporates spiritual and linguistic elements specific to the Latin-American community and encourages involvement of the father. 

Please contact Susan to schedule a workshop in your area.

Email: Susan@susannadathur.com

Phone: (787) 550-7582


2 thoughts on “Wondrous Woman Workshops

  1. Hello Susan,
    I’ve been on a long search to find any Spanish workshops available to childbirth professionals. I am fairly proficient in Spanish, however as a doula/massage therapist and soon-to-be childbirth educator, I want to expand my vocabulary and improve my communications with my Spanish-speaking clients.
    Can you tell me if you have any planned up-coming workshops for birth professionals? I am in Philadelphia and able to travel within the tri-state area.
    Thank you for any info!

    • Hi Jessamyn,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear you are having so much trouble finding a workshop for childbirth Spanish. I wish I could say that I’m offering something in your area, but I have nothing scheduled. Good luck with your endeavors. I admire you for wanting to improve your Spanish to better serve the women you work with.

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