Your Culture My Culture

Puerto Rico Flag on Face PaintedYour Culture My Culture is a multimedia presentation focusing on the message that It’s okay to be different. In fact, it is encouraged.

The Goal: to make the cultures and young people from Spain and Puerto Rico come alive through storytelling, music and art.

The Benefits: this presentation will:

  • provide understanding of the youth cultures of Spain and Puerto Rico
  • inspire creativity
  • encourage reading

Description: through selections of music, art, poetry and literature, students will come to understand the nuances of Spanish and Puerto Rican youth culture. The presenter starts out with a brief description of her 30-year journey of exploration into the cultures of Spain and Puerto Rico, from living with a family of Spanish Gypsies in Seville to residing for the last twenty-four years in a small town in Puerto Rico. She then engages in multimedia activities related to her books. City of Sorrows tells of a Spanish Gypsy who is forced to face his greatest fears when a Spaniard is not able to let go of his prejudice and allows ethnicity to come before compassion. Dante’s Kiss is a dark love story about what happens when the supernatural collides with the natural world, and when being different means challenging what you don’t believe is right about your culture.

For more information on this presentation click on the School Visit Packet Your Culture My Culture

If you’d like to bring this presentation to your school, please contact Susan Nadathur for schedule and pricing.


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2 thoughts on “Your Culture My Culture

  1. ¡Buenos Dias, Susan! I am a doctoral student at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, and I am defending my dissertation thesis on Wednesday, March 29th. My topic is cultural sensitivity for Hispanic/Latino online college students. I am originally from Puerto Rico and I’d like to use only the photo of the face painted with a Puerto Rican flag from your webpage as a faded background image on my introduction page for my presentation (

    I would provide credit to your website at the bottom of the introduction slide.

    The reason for usage is to provide a bit more “color” to the slide and show some of our cultural heritage. Are you comfortable with my usage for this purpose?

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to having a piece of our Puerto Rican heritage included in this doctoral work!

    • Buenas Noches, Raul, Of course you have my permission to use the image (it’s beautiful, isn’t it?). There is so much to be proud of our (my adopted) Puerto Rican culture. I wish you much success with your dissertation and future career. Thanks for your respect in contacting me. If I can be of any further help, please do not hesitate to contact me. Con carino, Susan

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